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Profitime, a leader in the dispenser juice category has made the decision to begin replacing their juices that contain high fructose corn syrup with cane sugar. We are also removing any artificial colors and flavors, replacing them with natural ones. Ed Sullivan (President) stated that “The trend has been clear for some time now that people strongly prefer natural ingredients to artificial ones in their food and beverages. Since we are sensitive to our customer’s needs, we have made the easy decision to provide them with the beverages that they desire. Of course there is an added cost in these ingredients, but it is not a significant one. Our customers may see a bump up in costs on some items however it should be less than 2.5%. The majority of juice concentrates that we make currently do not contain any artificial ingredients so it’s really not a big deal. The largest volume flavors that we will be transitioning before the end of the year are; Passion Orange Guava (POG), Cranberry Juice Cocktail and Lemonade.”  

Zensho America Corporation, a subsidiary of Zensho Holdings Co., Ltd. announced today the sale of Catalina Restaurant Group to an affiliate of Food Management Partners. CRG, parent company of Coco’s Bakery Restaurant and Carrows Restaurants, operates 149 restaurants across California, Nevada, and Arizona.

The transaction is expected to close on March 31, 2015.

“After nearly a decade shepherding the Coco’s and Carrows brands, we are pleased to have found the right owner to begin the next chapter in the CRG story,” said Yasunori Hiraguchi, president of Zensho America. “FMP brings the mix of talent, experience and vision needed to lead the growth of these businesses. We are confident Coco’s and Carrows will thrive under FMP’s leadership.”

“Coco’s and Carrows are well-established, beloved brands synonymous with quality; we are excited to welcome them to the FMP family,” said Jason Kemp, Co-Founder and Manager of FMP. “In looking for restaurant concepts, we focus on identifying brands with strong customer loyalty and an irreplaceable legacy. Coco’s and Carrows fit these criteria perfectly. Customer should expect to continue receiving the same quality dining experience they know while we work to vertically integrate Coco’s and Carrows into our stable of restaurants.”

“We believe the best is yet to come for Coco’s and Carrows and we are eager to begin work under FMP,” said Masahiro Kemmotsu, president of Catalina Restaurant Group. “We look forward to serving our customers—as we have for more than 67 years—and growing under FMP’s direction.”

About Food Management Partners

FMP, based in San Antonio, Texas, is a multi-concept operator of franchised and independent restaurant brands co-founded by industry veterans in 1999. It is one of the largest Buffalo Wild Wings franchisees, owns and operates Zio's Italian Kitchen, Don Pablo's and Furr's Fresh Buffet, and also owns the Dynamic Foods food manufacturing/distribution facility. FMP currently operates 118 restaurants in 22 states. Previously FMP operated one of the largest Little Caesars franchises and was a founding franchisee of Smashburger.

Profitime signed a five-year Agreement to become the exclusive dispenser juice supplier to the Catalina Restaurant Group (CRG). CRG owns all the CoCo’s and Carrows Restaurants in the United States. There are 168 total locations where the vast majority are located in California. CRG is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA and is a subsidiary of Zensho America.

Zensho Holdings Co. is Japan's largest operator of restaurant chains and manages restaurants both domestically in Japan and abroad. Zensho is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has over 4200 restaurants. Some of the other chains they own are Sukiya (Beef Bowl), Big Boys (Japan), El Torito (Japan), Victoria Station, Jolly Pasta (Spaghetti and Pizza), and their most recent concept, Hamazushi.

“We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with Zensho and its Import/Export arm for a couple of years now and are very excited to be growing our business in America with CRG now,” stated the President of Profitime, Ed Sullivan.

Profitime is proud to announce that we are now an approved supplier for HPSI Purchasing hpsi logo1Services. HPSI is a well-known GPO that specializes in Healthcare, Hospitality and Education. For more information about HPSI click here.

Due to many requests from our customers, Profitime is now offering its All-Natural, iced tea concentrate in the popular Millennium pack (3/120 ounce) under the Blue Frog label.

Profitime is now pleased to offer Folgers “Select Brew” Coffee! With the nation’s #1 retail share Folgers-logo1and 99% brand awareness, Folger Mountain Grown Coffee is the iconic brand trusted by guests everywhere. Real coffee -on demand, reliable, state-of-the-art dispensing equipment and effective merchandising make your guests feel at home.

Now, with great tasting Millennium Juices along with Folgers Mountain Grown Coffee, you have the one-two punch for your business - at surprisingly affordable prices!

Folgers is also offering a $25.00 per case rebate on your first order. Click here for more details.

Our newly reformulated “On Demand” Iced Tea concentrate brings you that clean and refreshing just brewed taste at a price that can’t be beat!

In keeping with the ever changing consumer trends in the beverage industry, Profitime has introduced a new line - Blue Frog Vitamin Enhanced Waters. Consumers are turning away from sugar-based products and are looking for healthier alternatives. In keeping with our commitment to provide our customers with the most forward-thinking product, we developed Blue Frog Vitamin Enhanced Waters to fill this vital niche. This helps to combat the obesity trend in the country and adds a vitamin rich beverage for our customers. Not only are these products healthy for consumers but they have a much lower price point than juices or sodas.

With six essential vitamins, Blue Frog Vitamin Enhanced Waters come in our Millennium pack and fit into most post mix juice dispensers. They are shelf-stable and come in 6+1 concentrate which yields approximately 20 gallons of finished product. Our first flavors introduced are: Blueberry Pomegranate, Perfect Passion, Tropical Mango and Strawberry Kiwi. Call us to sample this exciting new product line.

We created this series of videos to assist you in troubleshooting
common issues with IMI Cornelius Juice Dispensers


Care and Loading of Product
in your Juice Dispenser


Juice Dispenser
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Juice Dispenser
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How to adjust the
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How to fix a water leak
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How to flush your juice dispenser


How to set the portion controls
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How to remove a platform
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How to fix a leaking
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How to clean the nozzles
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We’ve shuffled the deck a bit at Profitime and here’s what’s transpired:

  • Ed Sullivan was named President of Profitime
  • Jim Lane is now the CFO of Profitime and Cal Apple Products 
  • Russ Burgess is COO of Profitime and President of Cal Apple Products 
  • We have a new VP of Sales, Andy Rackerby, who brings over 15 years of experience in the beverage industry, most recently with Quick Dispense. 
  • Joe Lopez was recently promoted to Service Manager. He has been with us for the past 3 three years and was previously a service manager for Budweiser. 
  • Emily Carley has been promoted to Assistant to the President and has been with us for the past 2 two years. 
  • We are pleased to have Andrew Reyes back with us in the Service Department. 

We recently added a stand-alone 4500 Square foot sales and service facility to better serve you. We have quadrupled the size of our service area to offer higher quality maintenance, as well as faster turnaround. This state-of-the-art repair facility includes a 600 sq. foot separate dispenser repair area, a bench testing area that can accommodate 15 dispensers simultaneously and a large warehouse area to handle many more parts and supplies (so we have more in stock ready to ship to you). This enables us to take care of customer needs for faster testing, repair and shipping. We always have at least 20 dispensers on hand for quick turnaround and exchanges.