Profitime develops juices for individualized needs and tastes all over the country and internationally. We have developed the capabilities and the science to provide our customers any flavor they want, no matter how outrageous, or how challenging. Whether it’s a frozen concentrate you require or an aseptically-packaged, shelf-stable product without preservatives; we can probably do it! .

Smoothie Bars depend on Profitime for the high quality their customers' demand and at a price that maximizes profit. Want a juice blend that will appeal to the teen market? We’ll develop it for you. Want to buy a juice concentrate that matches a popular single-serve brand? We can do that, too!

Companies like Southwest Traders, Berry Blendz, Keva Juices, Blenders in the Grass and Polly's Pies have already discovered our amazing capabilities. Challenge us today to duplicate a flavor or enhance what you already have. Our incredible flavor development capabilities, packaging options and low-volume requirements make Profitime indispensable to you.